Activate expired token for creating transfer or funding-source

(Ias Innovative Advanced Solutions) #1

Hi All,

When I do “Authorization” I am getting access_token which is valid an hour.
How can I activate/refresh or generate new token after an hour using expired token?


(Cory Anderson) #2

Hi @IAS_Innovative, hope your week has been going well.
Access tokens are short lived, staying valid for 60 minutes.

A refresh token is not paired with an application access token, so to refresh authorization on an access token, your application will simply exchange its client credentials for a new app access token which will invalidate the previous token.

(Ias Innovative Advanced Solutions) #3

Hi ,

If I have created customer and funding-source using access_token. Can I generate new access_token and make transfer using customer and funding-source after an hour? (I want to send money to customer bank account)
How can I do it?


(Spencer Hunter) #4

Yes, you should be able to generate a new access token and continue making requests to the Dwolla API. Regarding sending money to your Customer’s bank account, can you provide some additional information on your applications use case? Are you simply wanting to pay out/disburse funds to users bank accounts?