[BadRequest] The request body contains bad syntax or is incomplete

Using the dwolla golang library GitHub - kolanos/dwolla-v2-go: A Go wrapper for the Dwolla API V2 and getting the error " [BadRequest] The request body contains bad syntax or is incomplete. " when I try to initiate a transfer with a facilitator fee. Could someone provide a sample code on how to initialize the TransferRequest in Golang? I ran the debugger and was able to see the output that was being sent. I replaced the funding ID and the customer ID for privacy.


Edit: I am not sure why the clearing field is showing up in the JSON output, I never specified it. Is that field required? I am only sending the Resource, Amount and Fees field. The following Golang code is what I am using to initiate the transfer:

transferRequest := &dwolla.TransferRequest{
	Resource: srcDstResource,
	Amount:   amount,
	Fees:     transferFees,

transfer, err := dwollaClient.Transfer.Create(dwollaContext, transferRequest)

Edit Two: I figured it out. I was missing the URL in front of the funding source ID and the customer ID so I prepend the URL and it worked.

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@jonpchin , Glad you were able to figure it out! Although the API wrapper you referenced is maintained by a third party, please feel free to post back and we can try to help where we are able. :smiley: