Drop-in: dwolla-business-vcr renders with "undefined"

I am working locally with drop-in components for business registration, specifically the <dwolla-business-vcr> component.

I have a problem, it initially renders with an “undefined” error message:

There is no indication, that I can see, as to why there is the “undefined” error message or what it relates to. The configuration is as follows:

	<script type="text/javascript">
			environment: "sandbox",
			tokenUrl: "/dwolla/token",
			success: (res) => console.log(JSON.stringify(res)),
			error: (err) => alert(err)



Even with the “undefined” message, the component seems to function mostly normal, until you get to the end of the multi-step process and the submission fails with a 401. But I guess I’m looking to solve the “undefined” problem first…

TLDR: Why does the <dwolla-business-vcr> drop-in component render with “undefined” at the top?

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I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

If you’re using React, copy the useScript hook and then configure and load <dwolla-business-vcr /> when the script is "ready".

export default function DwollaForm({ dwollaConfig }: IProps): ReactElement {
  const status = useScript("https://cdn.dwolla.com/v2/dwolla-web.js");

  if (status === "ready") {

  return (
      {status === "ready" && (

Hi guys

I just tried to recreate this error, and I was able to do it by:

  1. not passing in my key and secret
  2. creating an environment mismatch

Can you try passing in your key and secret in relation to the environment you’re trying to work in (prod, or sandbox)?

Let me know if this helps