Dwolla Master Account

Hello, how and where do I create my Dwolla Master Account?

Is it my superhero savings account?

Hi @lindakwoo – the Dwolla Master Account is your Dwolla account. Since you’re logged in to the Dashboard and seeing your test bank account, you have a Sandbox Dwolla account already!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @shreya i deleted my test master account by mistake. How do i add or get it back ?
And how these things will work on production mode ?

Hi @jain – the Master Account is your Dwolla Account. I think you meant to say the test bank account that is automatically added to your Master Account!

You can add another one using the API and verify it using Microdeposits!

Alternatively, once you create the bank funding-source, you can grab the ID and share it here so I can manually verify it for you!

Hi @shreya thanks for the answer.
Can you please verify this funding source id : f71752e3-4878-4664-b3bc-a1e6fce9ff1a.

One more thing, can we use plaid for adding a Master Account on dwolla ? As i don’t want to pass my account and routing number from frontend to backend and then trigger dwolla api.

Hi @jain – It looks like this funding-source was removed. Can you try to add another bank?

I’m afraid we don’t support adding banks to the Master Account via Plaid. In production, you will be able to add your bank account via the Dashboard!