Dwolla scheduled function

We are currently working on the Dwolla/Plaid integration and would like to integrate the scheduled payments feature.
At the moment we are experiencing difficulties with the solution of this task. Can you please tell me what is the best practice to use in this case?
Thank you!

Hi @Alex_K – is that a Plaid feature? Dwolla’s integration with Plaid only involves verifying a funding-source via Plaid in order to attach it to a Dwolla Customer account. I’m afraid utilizing the scheduled payment feature is not supported in the Dwolla API.

Please let me know if I’m understanding incorrectly!

Hi @shreya I also need the solution for the question asked by @Alex_K .
In my case, we are trying to make automated billing process, so that the specified amount will be deducted from the customer’s account and added to the dwolla master account on monthly basis.

Is there any feature provided by dwolla to automate this process? and it would be great if you can point the solution as well.

For more clarity, I’m using Plaid for account verification and also created an on-demand transfer authorization.

Hi @jain!

Thanks for describing your use case in detail! I’m afraid we do not support a scheduling feature. You would have to build out the scheduling logic on your end, and call the Dwolla API to create transfers based on that schedule.

Hope that helps clarify things! Let me know if you have any questions!