Dwolla Web Hook For Mass Payment

Hi Everyone,

I am using the dwolla postman Api for everything and after the mass payment i want to create a web hook that will provide me the information regarding the mass payment status and everything comes with the web hook.

But I am unable to understand what is the flow for that like there are events and webhook can you please let me what is the way to create a webhook for a mass payment “mass_payment_completed”.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Usman_Tahir – there isn’t a way to subscribe to a subset of webhooks. Once you subscribe to Dwolla webhooks, we send webhook requests to your server for every action/event that occurs in your Dwolla application.

Here are some helpful resources regarding Dwolla webhooks:

Hope that helps! Let us know if you come any questions!

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Hi @shreya - Thanks for the answer.

I have created a webhook and the id of the webhook is “e2865d8c-9427-4a88-8e20-153885dc499f” I have a url set to get the webhook I am only testing mass payment but not getting anything from the webhook there is no error as well can you please check and let me know what’s wrong with it.

Hi @Usman_Tahir , I’m showing the customer_mass_payment_created webhook was sent at: 2022-03-18T09:54:17.380Z. Please let us know if we can provide any additional info that will be helpful in debugging!

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Hi @spencer

Hope you are doing well.

I have successfully got the dwolla webhook result into my database. But I am little confused about the result that I am getting. Let me post the result over here and let you know what confuses me. My scenario is that I have to get individual customer “customer_transfer_completed” and according to that mass payment that i just created and need to store the status.


This is the result that I need to work with but this result doesn’t show against which mass payment i am getting this result how will i save this without mass payment id or compare it with mass payment.

Please guide me on this.

Hi @Usman_Tahir

When a masspayment job completes, it will have created individual transfers for each of the successful items in the masspay. We recommend parsing through the masspayment items and finding which items were successful and which ones failed.

For the failed items, you can try correcting the issue and re-initiating one off transfers for just those items.

For the ones that were successful, they will create individual transfer resources. We recommend storing these transfer IDs in your database to match it with the transfer-related webhooks that will follow (as shown in your webhook example above).

The transfer related webhook itself or the transfer resource do not have an indication of which masspayment they belong to. Although, we have logged this down as a feedback item for our Product team to consider!

Hope that helps! You may also check out this post for information - Mass Payments - Pay 5,000 People in Five Simple Steps