Error in creating customer

Hello ,
In India customer create api is working fine but in Texas create customer api its not working .What is the issue behind this ?
Following this link .
Link : Transfer between users - Creating A Verified Customer | Dwolla API Documentation
Thank you

Hi @shivam.kapoor – there shouldn’t be an issue based on location. What is the error message you are seeing in the response to creating a Customer?

Hello Shreya ,
Getting this error While creating customer
Parameters :

first_name":“pooka”,“last_name”:“pooka”,“email”:"”,“account_type”:“presonal”,“address”:“6361 burnt mountain path”,“city”:“columbia”,“state”:“MD”,“postal_code”:“21045”,“date_of_birth”:“1987-03-13”,“ssn”:“12345”

Response :
{“status”:0,“msg”:“Error in Customer Creation API “,“error”:{“status”:400,“headers”:{},“body”:{“code”:“ValidationError”,“message”:“Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.”,”_embedded”:{“errors”:[{“code”:“Invalid”,“message”:“Type invalid.”,“path”:"/type","_links":{}}]}}}}

Hi @shivam.kapoor , I believe the type and value are slightly incorrect here. I’ve included an example of a raw HTTP request body below:

  "firstName": "John",
  "lastName": "Doe",
  "email": "",
  "type": "personal",
  "address1": "99-99 33rd St",
  "city": "Some City",
  "state": "NY",
  "postalCode": "11101",
  "dateOfBirth": "1970-01-01",
  "ssn": "1234"