Error when canceling an item of a MassPayment


I’m facing a weird problem that I couldn’t identify the cause but I believe it’s a bug.

When I create a Mass Payment with N Items, I’m able to cancel all items but the last one always fails. I’m seeing the link to cancel so it’s because I should be able to do it. I created the same Mass Payment multiple times and every payment I can cancel but not when the payment is the last one.

Any ideas?
The payment returns the cancel link so I’m in the right time to cancel it and sending the right status to do that.


“Error: {“code”:“ValidationError”,“message”:“Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.”,”_embedded":{“errors”:[{“code”:“NotAllowed”,“message”:“Status not allowed.”,“path”:"/status","_links":{}}]}}",

Hi @matheustex, do you have an example Mass Payment ID or Transfer ID for the payment you’re attempting to cancel?


I just created a new one with the same problem

MassPaymentId : 5d60ad3e-4b69-4089-a14c-ab9501469aac

I canceled the first two and left this one which is failing

TransferId: ab2839ad-3f78-ea11-8122-8a922a24160f

hmm, I’m wondering if it is related to the R01 sentinel value that’s being used on the source funding source. Would you be able to update that name to something else and retry this same flow of creation and cancellation?

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Right, I tried in a different source without sentinel values and found the same problem.

Mass Payment:


The second fails, the one I left for last.