Events schema when posted to webhook

Where can I find the full schema for what _links will be available for any given event posted to a webhook?

All I see are examples in the documentation but I want the full schema if possible.

Hi @aaronmboyd, there isn’t a full schema that we have to share. However, you can expect the following links to always be there in a webhook payload (more information in our docs) -

self - a link to the unique event
account - a link to the Dwolla account that the application belongs to
resource - a link to the resource that changed states. Used to lookup additional details returned on the resource itself
customer - a link to the customer the Event belongs to

Thanks, and are id and resourceId consistent?

id = id of the event
resourceId = id of the resource in the _links.resource section?

Yes – id and resourceId are also consistent in the payloads, along with created and topic.