Funding source location empty but 200 OK response

I’m using Plaid to get a Dwolla processor token, then I created a customer in Dwolla and now creating a funding source for the customer.
This code was working successfully before and not sure what I did to make it stop.
I was able to go through the entire process and complete a funds transfer but it’s not working now.

I’m making the call to customerUrl/funding-sources with the Plaid processor token and the account name.
The response comes back with ‘200 OK’ but there is no location property in the header.

Request (the header does have the ‘Authorization: Bearer xxxx…’ present):

{“name”:“Plaid Checking”,“plaidToken”:“processor-sandbox-9f2c5db7-bb27-4f21-8ecd-172251c3e89a”}

The response includes the id, email, name, etc. of the customer, but no location in the header.

If I login to the Dwolla sandbox dashboard, the customer is present but no funding sources exist.

How can I troubleshoot what the issue is?

Hi @Brent_Y – do you have any Customer IDs handy as examples?

The last one that was related to that token was: d2a40894-b371-4294-9a24-f71f3f38abcd

Never mind, I was able to find the issue. I was passing the customerUri without the ‘funding-sources’ at the end. Strange how it returned success though.


Hi @Brent_Y – thanks for the update! Yup – I was able to recreate this as well. Looks like the endpoint just treats it as an update to the customer resource, when it should fail validation with a BadRequest error. Thanks for reporting this!