How do I test in the sandbox my master account's balance type funding source?

How do I test in the sandbox my master account’s balance type funding source? I see the doc here but how to I obtain a balance-type funding source for both sandbox and when moving to production?

It seems like it is automatically created for a verified customer account and a master account (customer of Dwolla) which has completed the KYC survey.

Hi @PieOhPah – you’re correct about the Balance funding-source being made available as soon as a Customer or an a Master Account is KYC verified. However, in Sandbox, the Balance funding-source is automatically added to your Master Account. So you should be set as soon as you sign up for a Sandbox account!

Hope that helps! Let me know if you come across any further questions!

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Can you point me to the doc on this? There’s a doc for creating source with a bank account, but I can’t figure out the balance source.

Also, since I’ll be launching in the future, how do I get verified KYC?

Do you have a Sandbox account? If so, you should be able to a Balance funding-source already attached to your account. It can be viewed in the Dashboard, or via the API when you retrieve a list of all funding-sources in your Master account -

For getting KYC verified, you’ll be able to submit all required information when you sign up for Dwolla.