How much a user or business can maintain in their user/business dwolla wallet?

Use Case:- Let’s say a user/business add USD $10,000 per transaction per week and keep adding for next 10 weeks, at the end of the 10th week, there will be USD $100,000 in its wallet.

Now user/business keep that money in their dwolla wallet for a few months.

Question - is this possible to do so? If yes, what is the maximum limit of a dwolla balance?


Hi @siddharth.seksaria , it is possible to utilize the Dwolla balance that’s attached to a Verified Customer as a stored wallet. They’ll just need to be aware of the amount that is in that balance at all times, and you’d need to provide the ability within your app to move money into or out of that balance at any given time. There’s no max limit of a balance.