How to get Dwolla Test money in sandbox testing

(Chethan Kumar) #1

I created two verified account and, when am trying to transfer money showing insufficient fund how to add test money to my source account to test. please help me out here…

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(rentsent) #2

To add money to your Dwolla acct from your “bank” account - go here and “add to balance”:

(Chethan Kumar) #3

Thanks for your reply,

(Spencer Hunter) #4

There are two ways to Add funds to your primary Sandbox account balance. You can either 1) use the Sandbox Dashboard interface or 2) use the API to initiate the transfer.

  1. Sandbox UI: Navigate here and click the button for “Add to Balance”. That’ll allow you to create a transaction from a connected bank to your balance. Once the transaction is created, you can process the funds to your balance by clicking the “Process bank transfers” button located at the top of the Dashboard.
  2. Initiate a transfer via the API: You’ll first need to obtain “links” that identify both the source and destination of the transfer. In this instance, you’ll need to obtain a link that identifies a bank funding source tied to your primary Account and a balance funding source tied to your primary account. Make a call to the API to retrieve your list of funding sources tied to your Account. (If you don’t have your accountId, call the root of the API). Within the response there should be URLs the identify both of those Funding Source objects. You’ll use both of those links when making the request to create the transfer. Once the transfer is created you’ll do the same as referenced above and click the “Process bank transfers” button located at the top of the Dashboard.