Issue fetching Dwolla Kotlin SDK from Jitpack via Maven

I’m trying to import the Dwolla Kotlin SDK into my project via gradle, but I get an IDE error when I follow the instructions on the project’s github:

project build.gradle

    repositories {
        maven(url = "") {
            name = "jitpack"

App build.gradle

    dependencies {

causes the compiler error in intelliJ: maven' in 'org.gradle.api.artifacts.dsl.RepositoryHandler' cannot be applied to '(java.lang.String, groovy.lang.Closure<java.lang.String>)

This seems like a syntax issue with either Maven or Gradle, but I haven’t been able to import the Dwolla lib’s classes yet because of it. I detail my attempted solutions on this stackoverflow post. What do I need to do differently to successfully import the Dwolla Kotlin SDK?

The solution was to add the maven call to my project-level build.gradle file instead of at the app level.