Location of swagger metadata (swagger.json) to generate C# SDK


I’m building a C# client and would like to auto-generate client side SDK code from the swagger definition using NSwag. Similar approach as was done with other client SDKs auto-generated from the swagger definition.

Is the swagger.json file publically available? I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the documentation. Could you point me to a link or make it available please?


(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @Michael, We moved away from generating our developer SDKs using swagger, as it required us to fork and make a lot of tweaks to the actual swagger codegen project. The swagger definition is not something that is public or actively maintained and we can’t guarantee that it will be around in the future. However, I will private message you the link to our swagger.json if you want to use it as a starting point or reference for developing a C# client.


Thanks so much @spencer and noted on the state of the swagger file for code gen approach.


(Rodrigo Fernández Díaz) #4

Hi Spencer, may I kindly ask you the exact same thing please? I have the exact situaion as Michael.