"Missing or invalid scopes" when create funding source for master account in sandbox

Hi! I’m trying to add funding source for master account in sandbox.
i do:
const url = ‘https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/funding-sources
(url from here https://docs.dwolla.com/#create-a-funding-source-for-an-account)

this.dwolla = new dwolla.Client(config); //key,secret,env=sandbox
.then((token) => {
token.post(url, data).then… //name,accountNum etc

but i get "Missing or invalid scopes for requested endpoint.”

What did i do wrong?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @Andrey_Kaloshin – would you be able to post your Account ID or any ID related to your Sandbox account for us to take a look? Also, if you have the request-id for this request that returned the above error, that would help too!


Hi @shreya, account # is “bbcbc7b1-81ec-46cc-8316-3180451b770c”

and from headers:
x-request-id: (1) [‘da1a2ebd-1817-4134-b3b4-e214a099eb07’]


Hi @Andrey_Kaloshin, thanks for the IDs! I was able to look up the request body, and it seems that the error has to do with the routingNumber and accountNumber values that were provided.

“routingNumber”: “dasdas”,
“accountNumber”: “123”,

If you update the values according to the specs defined in this section of our API reference docs, the request should pass successfully. Here’s an example request-body that works -

    "routingNumber": "222222226",
    "accountNumber": "123456789",
    "bankAccountType": "checking",
    "name": "My Bank"

Having said that, for the above error, the error type that should have been returned is a BadRequest error and not an InvalidScope error. I can create a ticket for our team to update the error message returned. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Yes, i didn’t validate input yet, it’s just a test run; and yes, i expected BadRequest for return. Thank you @shreya!


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