Payment Gateway Error

Can you please update or we can set up a call for complete it please.


Can we connect over zoom call or something or sort the payment gateway issue
As my client wants this setup to be done asap.

Hi @Sourabh_Kasliwal – I’m afraid dedicated chat support and support team are not included in the Pay-As-You-Go plan. We can provide help through community forums though. The answer to the initial Payment gateway error was posted here - Payment Gateway Error

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here!

[content_type] => application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json; profile=“

What is this error for?

The vnd.error is just a response type indicating that the response was an error. Are you able to extract the error message from the response body?

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No error message is coming

Can you please update?

Hi @Sourabh_Kasliwal – are you using our PHP SDK by any chance? If so, you can capture the error message by following this post -

Meanwhile, I can try to dig up this request and what’s returned in the error response. Is this in Sandbox? Do you have any IDs you could share that are related to your account so that I can locate it?

How can I get paid support from Dwolla technical team?

Tried stil same error

Getting this error when customer is sending money to main account

{“code”:“ValidationError”,“message”:“Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.”,"_embedded":{“errors”:[{“code”:“Restricted”,“message”:“Sender restricted.”,“path”:"/_links/source/href","_links":{}}]}}

Hi @Sourabh_Kasliwal – dedicated support throughout your integration, as well as after you go live, along with other benefits is available in the Scale plan. Let me know if you’d like to get in touch with our Sales Development team and I can our team member to contact you!

As for that error, it looks like the source Customer is not in state that allows them to create transfers. If they are a Verified Customer type, I’d check to see if they’re fully verified and eligible to send funds. Here’s an FAQ on Personal Verified Customers which explains about sending limitations as well.

Would you be able to post the Customer ID here and I can take a look?

Let me go through plans and update you


Where can I find the PHP code to generate access token?
I have seen node code for the same, but any library for file in php to generate access token.

Hi @Sourabh_Kasliwal, Unfortunately the dwolla-swagger-php library does not contain support for token requests out of the box. You would likely need to use a third party REST client for making this call. Here’s an example using Guzzle that I posted in another thread: PHP SDK, Get Token

I am getting error while initiate transfer from Postman

[400] Error connecting to the API (

is there any other way to initiate transfer using PHP?

Hi Shyam – would you have the error ID handy that was returned in the response?

yes i am getting this

<title>🧨 [400] Error connecting to the API (</title>

Gotcha. Anyway you could post the endpoint you’re trying to call? With a Dwolla ID, I can take a look at our logs and find the request.


Dwolla api using in my method…
$transferApi = new DwollaSwagger\TransfersApi($apiClient);
$myAccount = $transferApi->create($transfer_request);

if you want anything from my side let me know.

i wait for your reply