PHP Dwolla Swagger error

(Dealer Digital) #1

I am receiving below error while calling any function. The code is written in PHP.

“Fatal error: Uncaught DwollaSwagger\ApiException: API call to


(Shreya Thapa) #2

Hi @Dealer_Digital, thank you for posting this issue!

Since you aren’t able to make calls from your app, I want to ask if you are able to cURL the API request from your command-line? If the request goes through, that would mean that your application is properly authenticated to make calls to the API.

Also, it would help if you have the debug flag enabled for PHP; this would allow you to view the response body that Dwolla sends whenever a request is made to the API. This would also help us determine where the issue lies.

Lastly, we weren’t able to find the customer c7f300c0-f1ef-4151-9bbe-005005aa3747 in our files. Perhaps for this particular call you had the wrong id when trying to add a funding-source. The above customer doesn’t seem to have been created.

After trying the above, please let us know if you were able to make calls to the API. If the error persists, please drop in the full request/response body here. We would love to investigate further. I hope this was of help! Feel free to reach us out with any follow up questions!

(Dealer Digital) #3

Thanks Shreya!

It was the great help solving this issue.

Another major cause of occuring this issue is disabling of SSL certificate at localhost. Please find more details at

Many thanks!