Problem with registration as Merchant

Hello. In your registration form you asking State where business registred? Are you working only with US businesses? We are from EU

Hi @skaut – I’m afraid Dwolla can only support businesses registered in the US and transfers between US bank accounts at this time.

You should write it on your website

Thanks, Konstantin! I’ll make sure to pass that along to our team!

Hi @skaut – we do mention it in our Terms of Service under Section 3.2.

Section 3
Business Customers. Business Customers must be businesses (including sole proprietorships), non-profit organizations, and other entities registered and located in the United States. If you create a Dwolla Account as a Business Customer, you represent and attest that (a) your Dwolla Account is not used for primarily for personal, family, or household purposes; (b) you are authorized to provide the information described below; and (c) you are authorized to bind the Business Customer to this TOS.