Recieving CORS error when creating customer

I am catching an a CORS error as evident below, when trying to create a customer (Sandbox mode) via the dwollaJS package. I am able to make a request when i try running the JS file that includes the calls via NodeJS but when i attempt to invoke the methods in my reactJS page i get the error below:

I have tried searching all over for a solution to the issue but everything points to this being an issue with a server response. Is there anything I can do to get this up and running? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Ernest_O, Unfortunately the only calls to Dwolla that can be made from the client-side of your app are those that are done using the dwolla.js library. This JS library is used to add a bank to a Customer and requires unique tokens to be generated in order to authenticate requests. Calls to will need to be made from your back-end server (via Node.js), which should securely store your API credentials and manage other business logic surrounding payments.

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