See2Pay - Google Glass + Dwolla

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In relation to this blog post: “Today, our partners at [The Members Group][1] (TMG), a financial services company that provides payments processing via their innovative suite of products, announced a cool new hack with Google Glass and, in the spirit of Dwolla, has released the code to [GitHub][2].”

This project was built by The Members Group (TMG). Major contributors: @brettneese

Contribute to the github repo starting today! :slight_smile:


(Ben Milne) #2

Nicely done, @brettneese!

Any chance anyone has taken a video of the Google Glass screens?

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To the top. Has anyone seen how this works on Glass?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Walkthrough - Setting up See2Pay
See2Pay - Github
Quickstart Guide

  1. clone the github repo:
  2. Download the App engine SDK

Creating a Google App Engine Instance:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create Application and create a public Google App Engine instance hosted on
  3. Give the application an Application Identifier, an Application Title, and leave the authentication Open to all Google Accounts users. You’ll need the application identifier later to configure the quick start project.

Creating a Google’s API console project:

  1. Go to the Google APIs console.
  2. Click Enable API and enable the Google Mirror API for your new project.
  3. On the Credentials page, click Create new Client ID
  4. Select Web application and specify any value for Authorized Javascript Origins, such as localhost
  5. Specify values for your Authorized Redirect URI: http://localhost:8080/oauth2callback and the callback URL for your App Engine instance, for example,
  6. After creating the Client ID, Click Download JSON. You’ll need this information to configure the project
  7. Click on the Consent Screen page and fill out the required information.

Configuring the See2Pay Project

  1. Copy in your client information that you downloaded above into client_secrets.json

  2. You will need Dwolla API Credentials. Generate an Dwolla application here, then paste your credentials into

    Dwolla Secret Stuff

    apiKey = ''
    apiSecret = ''
    token = ''
    pin = ''
    oauth_return_url = 'http://localhost:8080/oauth2callback
    3.Set a PASSWORD in

  3. Set a PASSWORD in notify/

  4. Edit app.yaml to enter your App Engine application ID:

    application: your_app_engine_application_id
    version: 1
    runtime: python27
    api_version: 1
    threadsafe: true

Deploying the Project

  1. Add new application to GoogleAppEngineLauncher and click Deploy
  2. Navigate to your your project (i.e. - and allow google glass permissions.
  3. Subscribe to location updates
  4. Pair your google glass with your smart phone to start using Dwolla See2Pay!

(Brett Neese) #5

one of the major roadblocks to getting this out to more people is the 1,000 api calls/day limit. until google relaxes it a bit it gets jammed up even with just one person using it, haha. i’m definitely working on reworking it so it doesn’t use as many requests but pretty heads down with SRND right now.

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