Unable to create a funding source for a customer using an exchange resource in sandbox

Hi @dwollasupport, @DwollaDiscuss, @spencer, and @shreya I tried to create a funding source for a customer using an MX exchange resource.
But I received the response below. Please help to check. Thank you in advance!

I tried all the steps as mentioned in guide but failed at creating funding source for a customer.


  1. Create a user (API call).
  2. Connect and verify account numbers (API call and Connect Widget UI).
  3. Request an authorization code.

**Dwolla **

Step 1: Create a Customer => Passed

Response data:


Step 2: Fetch Available Exchange Partners => Passed

Step 3: Create Exchange for Customer => Passed

Response data:


Step 4: Create Funding Source for Customer => Failed (500 Internal Server Error)

Endpoint: https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/customers/bf5b12d9-6c33-4a74-b3d8-b4aa0f7a7c7b/funding-sources
Method: POST

Hi @Lokesh_Sharma – thanks so much for providing all the details and the steps you took! This was very helpful in determining the issue.

It appears, we’re receiving an error from MX when trying to exchange the token. Would you be able to confirm if you’re selecting MX Bank in the MX connect widget? If so, please try selecting MX Bank (OAuth) and see if the issue resolves. We’ve found that selecting MX Bank returns an invalid routing number that doesn’t pass our checksum.

Let us know if that helps resolve your issue or if you have any questions!

Hi @shreya, Thanks for your response. I have selected MX Bank (OAuth) already but it was not verified. Not it’s working for me successfully created a funding source and created a transfer.

Now the problem is that transaction (Transaction Id: 5ce7ad6d-bef3-ed11-8150-ed649215aadb) is pending.

I have some questions listed below regarding this:

  1. How much time it will take to transfer the amount into the user’s bank account?
  2. Is there any way to instantly transfer the amount into the user’s bank account (Connected using MX Widget)? If yes please help me and let me know the steps.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Shreya,
Thanks for your response. Please help above mentioned issue.

Hi @Lokesh_Sharma – since this is in Sandbox, you will need to simulate bank transfer processing for the transfers to process. Our docs here explain how to do that programmatically as well as manually - Testing ACH, RTP, P2D, and VANs Transfers in the Dwolla Sandbox | Dwolla API Documentation.

Note: The funds won’t actually land in the test bank at MX. Meaning, you will not see the balance of the MX bank go up if you create a transfer to the bank using Dwolla.

As for how long the transfer will take to process in Production, it depends on your transfer speed and the types of funding-sources involved in the transfer. Take a look at our docs to understand the transfer processing times - ACH Processing Times | Dwolla API Documentation

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions!

Hello @shreya,
Thank you for the clarification.

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