Unhandled rejection Error: {"code":"NotFound","message":"The requested resource was not found."}

I am integrating Plaid with Dwolla and I cannot seem to get around this error.
Here is my code
const appKey = my-key’;
const appSecret = ‘my-secret-key’;
const dwollaClient = new dwolla.Client({
key: appKey,
secret: appSecret,
environment: ‘sandbox’
const customerUrl =“https://api-sandbox.dwolla.com/customers/”;
var requestBody = {
plaidToken: ‘’,
name: ‘’
requestBody.plaidToken= processor_token;
requestBody.name =‘Plaid Checking’;
dwollaClient.post(customerUrl +ACCOUNTID +’/funding-sources’, requestBody)
console.log('Dwolla funding source: ', JSON.stringify(res));
res.send(JSON.stringify({‘Dwolla funding source:’:JSON.stringify(res)}));

ACCOUNTID is Plaid account_id received from Plaid link. I don’t know the customer ID is in the URL, because, the user is authenticating with Plaid Link, so, I guessed the ID may be the account ID from Plaid. I also tried with my Dwolla Sandbox ID but got same error.
I want to create funding source with processor token. Where does the ID come from in the URL?

Hi @dari_donkuro – would you be able to share the ID of the Customer? I can take a look on our end to see what caused the error.

As for retrieving a Customer’s ID, we recommend storing the ID in your DB every time you create a new Customer. Additionally, you can also retrieve a list of Customers in your platform via the API and the Dashboard. Find more information on the API call here in our docs -