Webhooks work in sandbox mode?

  1. I have implemented the transfer payment from one account to another account using Dwolla API and I only get this “1” is response but the request is created as I see under dwolla interface.
  2. Now I am implementing the payment related webhooks so that when any payment get failed, then webhooks will send data to the application URL.
  3. I am using currently sandbox mode to implement the process so please confirm if I create webhook then its will request my server in the sandbox environment? or is there any way to test the webhooks in sandbox environment for payment transfer.

I am also looking for this

Webhooks can be tested in Sandbox. After you create a webhook subscription using your Sandbox application’s credentials, simply create a Customer to trigger a customer_created webhook, or create a transfer to trigger a *_transfer_created webhook. The webhooks will be sent to your server URL, and you will need to respond to it with a 2** level status code to acknowledge successful receipt!