What is the link between a transfer and the mass payment item

How are the mass payment item and the transfer is linked?
when does the linkage happen? do the status of the transfer and the mass-payment be the same after the linkage.

Hi @gokul,

These resources are linked in that each successful item in a mass payment triggers a transfer.

The linkage happens when a mass payment item is executed successfully, meaning a transfer is created for this item.

A failed item would mean that a transfer request was executed, but the request itself failed due to some errors. These failed items would not have transfer resources linked to them.

The status of a transfer is not dependent on the status of an item. This is because the item being successful means that a transfer request was successfully created. The transfer could still fail after exporting due to various reasons, resulting in a successful item, but a failed transfer. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the topic!

You can also checkout @CoolStoryCory’s post on Mass Payments for more information -

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Thanks, @shreya. Great explanation and a good reference to know more on it.

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Glad you found it helpful! Thanks, @gokul!