Where can I find/set Endpoint in Dwolla Sandbox?

(Jaymin Zap) #1

I wanted to create webhooks, now for that I need to create a webhook subscription.

$webhookApi = new DwollaSwagger\WebhooksubscriptionsApi($apiClient);
$subscription = $webhookApi->create(array (
‘url’ => ‘http://url.com’,
‘secret’ => ‘mysecret’,
I got the secret here, but what will be url? I know it is end point.
This is example I got from one of your member in community.

First, write your website and endpoint in the app settings on the dwolla website. (It’s currently under “edit features”).

(i.e. https://www.mypage.com/coolendpoint )

Make sure that your app listens to port 80 for http or port 443 for https.

But I am currently in sabndbox enviroment, where I can find endpoint in the app settings. There is no such tab, can you please hellp me out from where I can get it?