Which type of dwollo integration do I need?

Hi! Our customer want ot integrate dwollo into his system. There exists landlord who has unit, tenant who paid a rent to the landlord and app that takes its fee from every payment. I’ve already read about Dwollo.js + IAV and might it’s what we need, but I’m not sure. Also frontend components should be customizing and all process should be without any redirects from our app. Is it real and if it’s then could you show me all steps that we need to do (backend/frontend)?

Hi @1112

It sounds like maybe what you’re looking for are the tools below:

Getting Started
Developer Portal
Dev Docs

I’ve already read it, I need more complex explanation.

Hi @1112

The resources provided are the deepest level of explanation we provide. Was there a specific blocker in your integration process you’d like to share?