Windows or web application in c# or java script

Do anyone have a custom build windows or web application in c# or java script can email me the source code help?

I need an desktop or web application that is all ready create can someone send me the source code for a sample application? please and thank you

Hi @Harriett_Yazzie,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any sample apps specific to a funds-flow that we can share, but the following repositories could be worth checking out to get an idea of how you can integrate the Dwolla API within your app -

  • The ExampleApp within our official C# SDK. (GitHub)

  • A quickstart Rails 4+ demo of the Dwolla IAV flow. (GitHub)

Having said that, we will be logging this as a feedback item to create some quick-start sample apps in the future! Meanwhile, please let us know if you have any questions!