ACH payment processing without necessary verifying the customer / routing / account no

Looking into ACH / eCheck payment processing, to process customer to merchant payment. I do not prefer to verify the customer via micro deposits or via instant customer verification. I would like to process the transfer, by simply collecting the customer’s routing no, account no and the amount. I have come across few websites where they perform transfer without verifying the customer. I am not sure how it is being done. Looking into Dwolla I am not sure it is possible to make a transfer between two parties without verifying the source customer. Unless I am missing something. Your help is greatly appreciated

Hi @manny

This is correct. However, we do have Receive-Only Customers which can receive funds without bank account verification.

Thanks for your response. The requirement is the other way around for us. Receiver (merchant) can verify their bank details as it is one time. We are trying to avoid the sender (end-user or customer) from verifying their credentials as it is an extra step that we are trying to avoid. I have used some websites myself where there was no verification done, when I added the bank account / routing no as a source customer. Is it possible that this can be achieved via eCheck processing? I am not sure. Does Dwolla offer eCheck processing? Thanks

Hi @manny

We do not