Verified Customer Sending Money to Router/Account Number

My application is set up so that when a customer signs up with our app, one of the first actions is we ask them to link a bank account. We’ve got the Plaid/Dwolla link working correctly and we’ve created a Verified Customer with a source funding URL correctly.

In our app, we are looking to let these Verified Customers transfer money to charitable causes. We would only have the routing number and account number of each cause.

We cannot find a way in the API to do this kind of transfer = verified customer -> routing/account number

If this is not possible in the current API, would you be able to offer an alternative? Would the charitable cause need to register in our app so we can get their Plaid/Dwolla information and create a fundingDestUrl for them? This is an extra step we were hoping to skip.

Hi @bluedevil2k – I’m afraid there isn’t a way to transfer funds to a bank account without having a Customer account to attach it to. However, since your Senders are already onboarded as Verified Customers, you could create a lightweight Receive-only user for the Receiver (Charity) to attach the bank to. Receive-only users only need to submit their first and last names and their email address in order to create an account!

Hope that workaround helps! Please let us know if you come across any questions!