All Access Tokens Expire in Sandbox

Hello! Whenever I try and use an access token in the sandbox it immediately expires and I am unable to use it, it is giving me the error:

{"code":"ExpiredAccessToken","message":"Generate a new access token using your client credentials."} 

I have tried generating a new one but it keeps giving me that message when I try and use it.

Hi @Matthew_Ballan

Access tokens are valid for 60 min. You can generate a new one after that or utilize you key + secret in your code to create one for you. If you are testing in the Postman collection, it is recommended to use your key + secret in the environment so you won’t have to manually generate one in the sandbox dashboard

I understand, but it the access tokens are saying that they are expired even though they have just been generated

I just checked now, and it seems to be working again


Hi @Matthew_Ballan , Great to hear it’s working again! Were you able to locate the root cause of the issue?

I never found out what was caused the issue, it may have been on your end because I waited a few hours without making any revisions to my code and the problem stopped when I tried again.