API Not Returning Anything on Plaid Integration

I am a little lost in how to proceed with building out the Dwolla + Plaid integration. From the docs I was able to create a customer and pass in the Plaid token using PHP & Curl. When I push in the Plaid Token, I can see it in my Dwolla Customer dashboard as verified. But, the API does not return any data, it is just empty. Shouldn’t there be a transaction number or something that gets returned to verify?

The docs end at this step. Once the Plaid Token is passed and the funding source is created, how do I create the actual charge? Am I missing some additional docs that will provide these answers?

Hi @Crack-Ajax

The Plaid integration verifies a customer’s funding source, not the Customer itself.

Once their funding source has been verified with Plaid, and you’ve received a successful response from the API, you’ll use the unique funding source URL found in the "location" header to identify the Customer’s bank when initiating ACH transfers.

Here is a guide on adding a bank via the Dwolla + Plaid integration

Let me know if this helps or if you have any additional questions!

Actually, this didn’t help answer my question at all. The doc you linked to is the doc I was referring to that just stops and does not carry through the instructions to make the transfer. It also doesn’t mention anything regarding my questions of whether the API returns any information when submitting the Funding Source. I did figure it out though.

The correct response to my questions should have been: When submitting the Funding Source via the API, the API returns the location in the headers and not as a direct response from the API. Then, use the Location to submit the Transfer request to initiate the money transfer. It would be great if the documentation was updated to include the details here to complete the full Plaid integration.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the feedback, @Crack-Ajax

We’ll work on making this clearer in the docs