How to handle SSN to verify users (Plaid + Dwolla integration)

Hi, I’m integrating Plaid and Dwolla. I need to enable users to transfer and receive money, so I’m enabling funding-sources.

With that said I have two questions:

  1. Do I need to create a customer with a verified personal in Dwolla, right? In this direction, should I ask the user’s info using PLaid’s Identity service, or there’s a way for you to handle that with the PlaidToken provided (processorToken in Plaid)?

  2. Do I need to verify the Bank Account with a Micro Transaction as described here or the PlaidToken will be able to verify it?

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your answers.


Hi @francopetra, It sounds like you’re on the right track. In order to add a bank (Funding Source) in Dwolla then a Customer needs to be created first for the user. There are multiple different Customer types, so it depends on what your use case is and how they will be utilizing the Dwolla Platform for sending/receiving payments. There isn’t currently a way to accept the Plaid processor token and abstract data from their identity API which could be used for creating the Customer. Hypothetically, that is something you could do behind the scenes and not prompt the user to input those fields if not needed.

The Plaid Token should cover a majority of banks within the US for handling account verification. However, I always recommend utilizing micro-deposit verification as a fallback, as the Instant auth process is known to be error prone and doesn’t cover 100% of the banks/credit unions in the US.

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