Plaid & Dwolla Questions

I Synking Plaid&Dwolla Tokens

How do we sync User Plaid account with User Dwolla account after initial verifications? Right now we are simply creating the pairs and keep in our system and below is what we do:
After Plaid link->plaid access token->processor token->dwolla token we have two tokens at our disposal. Before sending money, we take a Dwolla Link and use a corresponding Plaid Token to ask if there is enough money in a bank.

So two questions:
a) Do we need to always keep the plaid token (that is paired to a corresponding Dwolla token) on our side, or there is a better way of obtaining the right Plaid token to do a balance check?
b) What happens if a Plaid token is changed or a bank account is modified or even deleted? Do we have to manually delete it from Dwolla? Where can we learn more about this case?

II Dwolla Balance.
What is the main purpose of the Dwolla user account, the one that a user gets initially? Do we have to use it as a priority, when sending money?

Example: user has paid a merchant $100, we take our 5% commission and decide to give that user a 2% cashback. Do we have to involve that user’s Dwolla Account as an extra step, we can just send the 2% to their bank? And how does that user get’s there cash backs that have accumulated overtime on their Dwolla Account if we don’t want to bombard users with extra info that they have a Dwolla account? Does he get a limit on sending money to one of his bank accounts?

III Connecting Merchants.
Do we use a Plaid link to connect Merchants Bank accounts? Or we can/have to use a Dwolla solution?

Thank you!

Dwolla solely uses the processor token to call Plaid behind the scenes to fetch the selected bank account number and routing number. If you have a need to utilize any of Plaid’s additional APIs (Balance, Transaction History, etc.) then you’d want to store the Plaid access token. If a bank account is closed and a transfer is sent to that bank or from that bank using Dwolla, then we’ll systematically remove that Funding Source within the Dwolla system. This occurs when we receive the Account Closed ACH return code from the user’s financial institution.

Assuming you are referring to the Balance Funding Source which is attached to all Verified Customer record? If so, you don’t necessarily need to utilize the balance, however it is available for this specific Customer record type by default.

Yes, you can specify via the API to have funds go directly to a bank. Dwolla will systematically create a withdraw from that user’s balance and they’ll be routed to the bank for the ACH credit.

You can use Plaid link to connect bank accounts regardless of whether or not the user is sending or receiving funds. Dwolla only requires a verified funding source for users sending funds. Users receiving funds can simply choose to submit their bank details (account & routing number) via a form on your app which is then passed to Dwolla. This would attach the bank and it would remain unverified in the Dwolla system. (Unverified banks can only receive and not send)