Plaid Dwolla flow


I’m currently planning to integrate Plaid with Dwolla for ACH transfers on my app. I’m in the process of testing transfers on sandbox accounts. As you may be aware, Plaid generates a different account_id even for the same associated bank account. Now, I’m passing the Plaid processor token along with this account ID to my Dwolla API to create a funding source for a customer. The transfer flow works smoothly for the first transfer.

However, when the same user needs to make another transfer using the same bank account, a new Plaid account ID is associated with the older bank account or funding source that is already present in my database. My challenge is how to keep track of the fact that the new Plaid account ID is linked to the same bank account that was used earlier and whose funding source is already in my database. This is important because attempting to create a new funding source using the same bank account results in an error indicating that a funding source associated with the same bank account already exists.

I’m looking for a way to avoid calling the create funding source API when I know that I already have the required funding source in my database.

Thank you.

Hi @puneet , Linking a bank account is a one time process that occurs with the exchange of a Plaid processor token. Once you’ve exchanged the processor token for a Dwolla Funding Source ID/URL, then you can save that URL in your database to be used for future payments. No need to send your user through the Plaid Link flow if they’ve already connected their account once.