Single customer with multiple bank funding sources


We are are trying to integrate with Dwolla + Plaid to enable money transfers between our customers. In order to do this I am testing out setting up funding sources using Dwolla’s Plaid integration as detailed here.

I am able to complete this for a single account fine, and I am able to add multiple funding sources to a customer as long as they are accounts from the same bank. However if I try to add a funding source for Account X from Bank A, and then a funding source for Account Y from Bank B I get an error;

Code: DuplicateResource
Message: Bank already exists

This would indicate that Dwolla only supports customers having funding sources from a single bank, is this the case?

For context, this is using both the Plaid and Dwolla sandbox environments.


  • Sam

Hi @LS_Smock

With Plaid, you should be able to add accounts through from any banks as long as they’re supported by them.

In the Sandbox environment, Plaid only returns two sets of Routing and Account numbers regardless of which bank is selected-- one for checking and one for savings. As a result, you’ll be able to add only two bank accounts in the the Dwolla Sandbox as well since we don’t allow a bank with the same Account and Routing number to be added twice. Perhaps that’s what caused the error? If you’re able share one of the funding-source IDs that was returned as the Duplicate Resource that already exists, I could take a further look to see if that’s the case here too.

Hi @shreya ,

Thanks very much for getting back to me, I can see how what you say makes sense, it would be great if this was a sandbox-only restriction :smile: One of the existing funding source ids from our sandbox environment is 0f5e9bf2-57eb-4fc9-a53f-b3385cf3fc27.