Dwolla + plaid integartion

Hello All,
I have integrated the Dwolla + plaid process but I need some information about my bank account balance. First I am sharing the process which I followed
and this process I tested with a sandbox account.

  1. I created one verified customer( sending & receiving amount) & one unverified customer(for receiving amount) via API.
  2. Now In plaid, I authorize the bank account and generate the “processor_token” for Dwolla and then I mapped this “Processer_token”(Plaid Token) via Dwolla API.
  3. Then the mapped bank account will be listed under my customer with verified status and a funding token is generated.
  4. Now I tested by transfer the amount from one account to another account by using a funding token and the amount is transferred successfully.

Now my question is how can I check the remaining balance of the connected bank account(which I authorize in plaid)
Note I tested this process with sandbox account and please confirm if the above steps are correct .

Hi @nvarun

There isn’t a way to check a bank account balance with the API or the integration. Plaid, (IAV, Micro deposits, etc.) are tools to confirm that the bank account exists and that the person attempting to attach the bank account to their Dwolla account are owners of that bank account.

Yes this looks correct.

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Just wanted to add that while Dwolla isn’t able to retrieve a bank balance, you should be able to use Plaid’s API to do so.

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