Connecting banks through Plaid and delays


we are facing two issues and need help! Our environment is Dwolla sandbox and Plaid sandbox. No production.


  1. Not all banks get connected to Dwolla Sandbox through Plaid Sandbox. For example, Chase connects fine, but US Bank does not connect at all. Is it a bug or we are doing something wrong? Any ideas what is wrong?

  2. A bank’s balance does not immediately decrease after we make a transaction. The payment is displayed as “Processing” until we press “Process bank transfers”. Will this delay exist in production? I am asking because if it does, a user can make, for example, fifty $10 purchase with only $10 on their account.

Thank you!

Hi there, I can help answer those for you,

  1. Plaid Sandbox only has two test bank accounts – one Checking and one Savings. All Checking accounts under any bank name have the same Accounting // Routing numbers, as is the same for Savings accounts. Dwolla exchanges the plaidToken for the AC // RN for a bank. If a checking account already exists for a Customer, adding a new checking account will return the same AC // RN, which Dwolla treats as a duplicate. You will still be able to add one Checking and one Savings account, but not more than 2. To test adding a US bank checking account, you can remove the Chase bank checking account.

  2. The delay in Production depends upon when a transaction is made in relation to our daily ACH export timing. We run our ACH export at 4:00 PM CT everyday from Mon-Fri which is when the Bank would receive information to send those funds from the user’s account. If a transfer is made after 4:00 PM, the transfer will be exported the following day at 4:00 PM. The user would have until the cut-off time to cancel a transaction.

    As for creating multiple $10 transfers with only $10 in their bank, when Dwolla processes those transfers, only the first one would go through and the others would fail with R01 return codes stating that the bank has insufficient funds.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions!