Add multiple bank accounts for dwolla with plaid

(Praveen Jpv) #1

Hi, I am integrating Dwolla with plaid. its working fine and I have a doubt. when I adding bank account with plaid for the first time it’s adding perfectly but for the second time if I chose a different bank it gives an error that bank already exists. I am choosing different bank still I am getting this error. can you explain me why and how can I add multiple bank accounts with plaid. and one more question is how can I test transfer failures using plaid accounts? I need to handle failures with webhook. for sandbox account how to test bank transfer failures

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@praveen_jpv, my assumption is that the sandbox will only return a single account and routing number regardless of the bank selected within Plaid link. We’ll see if we can work with the Plaid team on updating this if that is the case.

Regardless of whether the bank account was added and verified with Plaid or by simply submitting the bank details and initiating micro-deposits to verify that bank, the process for testing bank transfer failures in Dwolla’s sandbox environment is the same.

Once you’ve added the funding source you should get back a Funding Source URL which represents the connected bank account. You can then call this endpoint to update the name of the funding source to something like R01 to test that particular ACH return code. Once the name is updated you can then use that Funding Source as the source of the transfer. After the transfer is initiated, you’ll either click the “Process bank transfers” button which is located at the top of the Sandbox Dashboard, or POST to with an empty request body. All of this information can be found in our developer documentation on testing in the sandbox.