Plaid Dwolla Link Verified User

(James) #1

Transfer documentation states:

With a transfer of money, at least one party must complete the identity verification process, either the sender or the receiver.

If we use Dwolla in conjunction with Plaid Link to associate a Plaid Funding Source to a Customer (Receiver),
Would the verification be required since Plaid Link handles this?
Plaid has identity built in could Dwolla use that to complete the verification behind the scenes making it seamless to the API user?

flow is
Unverified Customer Sender, Plaid Linked Account
Unverified Customer Receiver , Customer Receiver Dwolla Account, with Plaid Linked Account (in this case the Linked account isnt used until later)
Unverified Customer Receiver, Plaid Linked Account

(Cory Anderson) #2

Hi @lapester

I think it would be helpful to understand that Plaid Link, when integrating with Dwolla, only refers to Bank Funding Source verification. Plaid does not interact with Dwolla in terms of creating or verifying the identity of a Customer.
You will want to create and verify a Customer with the Dwolla API using our /customers endpoint.
Here’s some docs that might help you get started.

In terms of your flow, this might need some more thought, as at least one party in your funds flow must be an identity verified. This Customer type is called a verified Customer. You can learn about the various Customer types on our developer resource article.