Plaid Bank Link Always Status Unverified

We are trying to verify a Plaid bank link in the Dwolla Sandbox. We have tried generating tokens from both the Plaid Sandbox and Plaid Development environments. We saw this thread that says Plaid Development is not compatible with Dwolla Sandbox, but we have also tried with Sandbox accounts. You’ll notice the status below always comes back as “unverified”. Can we not verify a bank link in your Sandbox environment?

Plaid Sandbox
“id”: “04d974cf-23ca-4ce8-b907-c633d30a2ada”,
"status": “unverified”,
“type”: “bank”,
“bankAccountType”: “checking”,
“name”: “Plaid Gold Standard 0% Interest Checking”,
“created”: “2020-07-29T13:48:38.277Z”,

Plaid Development
“id”: “c4d57d03-87d9-4c75-8d03-298988de2e52”,
"status": "unverified",
“type”: “bank”,
“bankAccountType”: “checking”,
“created”: “2020-08-06T09:55:57.252Z”,

Hi @Matthew_Kane – thanks for posting the funding-source IDs along with your question!

I was able to dig up the request we received and it looks like the Account and Routing numbers of these items from Plaid were also submitted along with the plaidToken field when creating these funding-sources. That looks to be why these were registered as unverified funding-sources rather than verified.

You only need to submit the token along with a name for the bank account as noted here in the docs.
Here’s also an example request-body -

    "name":"Plaid Gold Standard 0% Interest Checking",

Hope that helps! Please give it a try and let me know if you come across any issues!

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I have related issue with Plaid & Dwolla integration, but little different.
I am getting following error:
Unhandled rejection Error: {“code”:“NotFound”,“message”:“The requested resource was not found.”}
Here is my code:
const appKey = ‘my-api-key’;
const appSecret = ‘my-secret-key’;
const dwollaClient = new dwolla.Client({
key: appKey,
secret: appSecret,
environment: ‘sandbox’ // optional - defaults to production

const customerUrl =“”;
var requestBody = {
plaidToken: ‘dwolla processor token from Plaid’,
name: ‘Plaid Checking’ //funding source name from plaid selection
};**customerUrl**, requestBody)
                  console.log('Dwolla funding source: ', JSON.stringify(res));
                  res.send(JSON.stringify({'Dwolla funding source:':JSON.stringify(res)}));

Basically, a user authenticated with Plaid Link and obtained Dwolla processor token and funding source name (Plaid Checking) for Sandbox testing. Now, I want to create funding source in dwolla with processor token and source name, but getting error above.
Question, how can I get ID for different users in order call
Right now, I know my sandbox ID, but still getting error, but in production you don’t know ID for different users, how would it work?
What I’m doing wrong in above code?

Hi @dari_donkuro – answered your question in a different post. Feel free to continue a thread there!