Bank Transfer Using Javascript HTML



We are trying to Dwolla bank transfer using java script and HTML. But Our developer is not able to get it working. There is some issue with CORS.

First question is, is it doable from HTML/Js or not, purely client side from browser.

If yes then what are exact steps to do it.


(Spencer Hunter) #2

Making API calls to Dwolla directly from the client-side is not recommend for multiple reasons. Instead, all API calls should be made by your backend server(s), which should securely store your API credentials and manage other business logic surrounding payments. From a technical standpoint, it is up to your app to facilitate the interaction between your backend server and your front-end.


Ok Thanks for the reply.

Can we get sample code for complete flow of accepting bank account and routing numbers and then making the transfer.

Java code samples will be very useful. Like step by step call API 1, API 2 etc.


Hi Matripj,

Has anyone provided you with the samples? Would be useful for me as well.


Hi @Spencer is there any follow up being done on this question?