Add funding via Dwolla.js or direct via our server

I already have my Back-end server talking to Dwolla to add customers and adding a Funding source using Plaid.
I’m looking at adding a funding source without Plaid, and your docs says
“Using dwolla.js, securely transmit sensitive data (bank account and routing number) to Dwolla without the data passing through your server.”

However, if I capture the bank details and submit them to my server and creating a funding source from my server bach-end", is this any less secure? (assuming sent via https)
As I already have my bach-end intergration working, I want to know is there need to use Dwolla.js just for this task?

Hi @peter.kerr! It’s not requirement to use dwolla.js for this task if you have the bank details already and just wanted tp upload those to Dwolla. You can simply use the API to create a funding-source for a Customer!

Here’s our API reference for that endpoint - Create a Funding Source for a Customer | Dwolla API Documentation