Business verified Customer - verify-controller-and-business-with-document

(Roman) #1

Didn’t find explicit mention in the documentation - if we get verify-controller-and-business-with-document link, which means to upload a document for both Business and Controller - how should the upload be performed? Just two consecutive calls to{customerId}/documents?
Is there a way to submit both documents with a single request?
Do we need to somehow differentiate between Business and Controller documents?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @roman11, Those would be two separate POSTS to /customers/{id}/documents to upload identifying documentation for the Controller as well as the Business itself. The differentiation is designated by the type of doc (i.e. if it’s other then it’s treated as a business doc). We don’t currently support uploading multiple docs with a single request, however I will be sure to pass this along as feedback to our product team!