Can API work with localhost?



I’m trying to use the API and I am consistently getting the “Invalid client configuration” error on localhost. How can developers work with the API without pushing code?


Switched my hosts file to use a non “localhost” domain, then tried adjusting my Dwolla project to use that URL. It looks like http://www.something.local but it’s still showing the generic error and I get a CORS error in the javascript console. Has anyone had this problem?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@mparker11, Yes API calls can be made from your local machine on localhost. Can you provide a little more information on the Invalid client configuration error you’re receiving? What endpoint are you calling? What does your request body look like (if applicable)?

It sounds like you’re attempting to make a request to the Dwolla API from the front-end of your application which is not recommended. Instead, all API calls should be made by your backend server(s), which should securely store your API credentials and manage other business logic surrounding payments.


Thanks for the reply. There was an issue with my scopes not being saved on the tool whenever I created a new project. It has been resolved.

(Josh Mante) #6

Hi I’m trying to make an api call from my http localhost server since i’m just developing on my machine and haven’t deployed yet to a remote server , generating oauth access token works fine, but when I start calling other API’s eg. create customer, it returns a 302 response, any ideas what might be causing this?

(Spencer Hunter) #7

Hi @excelsior.mante, Can you include additional request information to help us debug further? If you’re logging out the raw HTTP request info then this would be most useful to figure out what could be causing.Thanks!