Cases for the following exception: getFundingSourceOfCustomer

Hi Team,

We are currently using plaid + Dwolla integration in order to do the ACH transfers. And we are getting the following error:

2021-04-05 12:17:06 [http-nio-9004-exec-3] ERROR c.t.a.s.i.PaymentServiceImpl [getFundingSourceOfCustomer] : 24 - Error in transfer for user Id 3813 and partner dwolla and exception is {}
com.dwolla.exception.DwollaApiException: {“code”:“InvalidResourceState”,“message”:“Resource cannot be modified.”}
at com.dwolla.DwollaClient.handleResponse(DwollaClient.kt:300)
at com.dwolla.DwollaClient.makeRequest(DwollaClient.kt:261)
at com.dwolla.DwollaClient.postFollow$dwolla_v2_kotlin(DwollaClient.kt:208)
at com.dwolla.api.FundingSourcesApi.createForCustomer(FundingSourcesApi.kt:36)

Can you please tell me in which scenarios we will get this error? Also, how can we fix this?


Hi @ankit182 – This error message is usually returned when an attempt is made to update the details of a resource when it’s not in modifiable state. For example, updating the Date of Birth of a identity Verified Customer, or updating the Routing number of a Verified funding-source.

Would you be able to share the resource ID for which you got the above error when attempting to update some information? You can also retrieve the resource that you’re attempting to update and see if it’s in a status that prevents you from updating information. You can also find more information in our docs about the fields that can and cannot be updated on a resource.