Cloudflare CAPTCHA blocks API oauth/v2/token request

(Ruslan Grigorchuk) #1

Hello, I build an application that uses Dwolla Access API and have HTML response with CAPTCHA instead of JSON
I’m accessing from my office PC (Kiev, Ukraine). How can I whitelist my IP for Sandbox environment? Also it would be great to whitelist our Dev and Staging environments that are hosted on Azure. Thanks.

Forbidden error, when try to auth with node dwolla-v2
(Cory Anderson) #2

Hey Ruslan, please DM me your IP Address and I will whitelist this so you can get started

(Ruslan Grigorchuk) #3

Excuse me, Cory, I’m new user in Dwolla. How can I send DM to you? I didn’t found any link or email address.

(Alexandr Gajdosh) #4

Same error here, dynamic ip for me in development mode