Confirmation on Webhooks for Notifications

Hey Gang!

We’re taking on email notifications and wanted to confirm which webhooks do what. Here are few scenarios:

A. Personal Verified Customer moving money from a verified funding source that they own (e.g. their bank) to a Receive-only User

B. Personal Verified Customer moving money to from one verified funding source they own (e.g. a bank) to another they own (e.g. a loan)

Here are our questions:

  1. Can you confirm the webhooks that would fire to the verified customer in these scenarios, and in what order?
  2. In scenario B above, would the PVC receive webhooks as both the sender and receiver?



Hi @andrewhartman!

  1. Yes! Here’s a gist that Spencer created which enlists all of the possible webhooks you might come across in that scenario. Check out Transfer scenario #2; the webhooks listed for "Customer A" are the ones for the Personal Verified Customer (sender).

  2. Yes. The PVC will be receiving the webhooks as both the sender and receiver. For more details on the webhooks, check out Transfer scenario #1 in the same gist as above. Furthermore, here’s our guide doc on creating these me-to-me transfer with more detail for reference.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions!

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@shreya Thanks this is super helpful! Definitely gives us the answers we need. Much appreciated!

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@shreya Thanks again for your help here! In the example below, why is “customer_bank_transfer_created” and “customer_transfer_created” both fired for Customer A?

In looking at the sample content under “Email Content Guidelines” in the Dwolla Application for these webhooks, the content appears identical:

Hi @andrewhartman

For a bank-to-bank transfer from a Verified Customer to a Receive-only User, funds will move like the following:

  1. Customer A Bank —> Customer A Balance (3-4 Biz days) (1-2 Biz days if Next-day ACH feature enabled)
  2. Customer A Balance —> Customer B Bank (1-2 Business days)

How that looks with webhooks:
customer_bank_transfer_created - Represents funds moving from source verified Customer’s bank to the Dwolla network.
customer_transfer_created - Represents funds transferring from Customer A to Customer B.
customer_bank_transfer_completed - Represents funds clearing either from a verified Customer’s bank to the Dwolla network or from the Dwolla network to a verified Customer’s bank. In this case it’s the former.
customer_transfer_completed - Represents funds completing to receiving Customer B’s Bank

When sending email notifications to your Users, you can consolidate multiple emails and send them just one notification as well.

For example, when you receive the customer_bank_transfer_created webhook, you could send an email to the sender saying a payment was initiated. You can use the customer_transfer_created webhook to denote successful end-to-end processing of the transfer.
If the funds didn’t make it to the Recipient’s bank account due to a return, then the customer_bank_transfer_completed is triggered denoting that funds made it into Customer’s A’s balance, but a customer_transfer_failed webhook is triggered denoting that funds didn’t make it to the recipient’s bank.

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Hi @shreya, so sorry realized I didn’t acknowledge this reply. Thank you again for your help!