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We are working on dwolla integration in our application, We have 2 types of roles in the transactions as role A and role B, role A customers are transaction initiators , we decided to choose ’ unverified’ customer type for them. for other role B, is an organization, can we use soleProprietorship for all the organization types or any constraints to choose different types of customers like Corporation, Partnership and LLC?

Hi @Sandeep_Challa – For businesses, they must choose the businessType of soleProprietorship, llc, partnership, or corporation based their business structure. Here’s a handy table to determine what type a business should choose depending on their structure - ACH Business Customer Verification | Dwolla API Documentation

Thanks @shreya , But how does it has an impact on the ACH transactions feature? For Instance, if a customer owns a * LLCs * type business, but chooses Sole proprietorships type as it is easy process to create a customer account. how does it has an impact on that account?

Another question is, Business Entity - Identity verified for business accounts mean?

Ah, if an LLC creates a Business Verified Customer of type “soleProprietorship” they will fall business verification and will need to correct the type to go through the LLC flow. Therefore, they won’t be able to transact until they are verified with the correct type.

Identity verified in the context of Business Verified Customers refers to the verification of the controller and the beneficial owners. The business itself also needs to be verified as a legitimate business. You can find more information on business verified customers and entity/identity verification in the following articles -

Thanks, Shreya. I will go through the documents shared.

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