Creation of New Accounts Stopped Suddenly

Today I got a notification that one of my user’s wasn’t able to sign up for a new account. After dismissing it as user error, I gave it a whirl myself. Turns out the Dwolla API has suddenly stopped my account from creating new accounts? I can view previous accounts and make payments just fine, but when trying to create a new account using the latest PHP SDK (1.4.1), I get the following error:

**Fatal error** : Uncaught DwollaSwagger\ApiException: [400] Error connecting to the API ( in /vendor/dwolla/dwollaswagger/lib/ApiClient.php:315 Stack trace: #0 /ncsr/vendor/dwolla/dwollaswagger/lib/CustomersApi.php(178): DwollaSwagger\ApiClient->callApi('/customers', 'POST', Array, '{"firstName":"T...', Array, Array) #1 account.php(88): DwollaSwagger\CustomersApi->create(Array) #2 {main} thrown in **/vendor/dwolla/dwollaswagger/lib/ApiClient.php** on line **315**

Not only that, but it also seems like the oauth link to connect a previously available Dwolla account to an account on my system is down. The link is:

These issues are both based on code that hasn’t been touched in a while (updated the SDK just now to see if that would fix the issue). Please advise. Breaking changes to production payment API’s are unacceptable.

@tomers, are you able to grab the raw response body from this request? It looks like the php client may be swallowing that error. You should be able to catch the error and get the JSON response-body from the error response in the PHP client. You can try wrapping the request in a try/catch and display the error response by calling the getResponseBody() method.

    $new_customer = $customersApi->create([
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Caught exception: ',  $e->getResponseBody(), "\n";

This legacy token URL was deprecated last year and we did send out several communications regarding this breaking change. It was also added to our changelog.

It was finally removed for all consumers earlier this year. We reviewed API request logs for a rolling 90 day period when we sent out a communication earlier this year, therefore if your app was not active you may have not been included in the latest communication. Apologies for the miscommunication here, it is absolutely not our intention to introduce breaking changes without being thoughtful and methodical about it. It should be a pretty quick change which should get you back up and running.

I appreciate the prompt reply, @spencer. I’m not quite sure what happened between my original post and now but things seem to be back to normal for now.
I don’t recall getting any communication about the change in token endpoints, but I’ll be sure to update things on my end.
I’ll keep an eye on the situation and post back if something else goes awry.
Thanks again!

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